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Some of the brands we work with...

Mobile App Developers For Austin Businesses

Austin, Texas, is one of the up-and-coming cities for technology, specifically mobile app development. Many people claim that Austin is gradually becoming the "new silicon valley," as a wide variety of tech companies are moving their offices there. Strides has been working directly with Austin businesses for years, assisting with mobile app development and beyond.

We have a proven track record of creating some of the most innovative applications in the industry. Our experts have experience working with many Austin businesses, so there's no challenge we can't tackle. Whether you're a small startup or global enterprise, we can design and develop a mobile app your users will love.

Where Your Idea can Take You

Many companies start second-guessing their mobile app idea because they don't think they can compete with prominent businesses. This kind of discouragement can prevent companies from releasing their full potential.

That said, a reputable app development team can create a stunning and user-friendly mobile app that's on par with world-class brands.

Here at Strides, we've created a food delivery app that can compete directly with global giants like UberEats and Doordash.

The Daily Shifts, another project we worked on in the personal development sector, is a straightforward yet valuable app that allows users to create better habits and get into a more productive mindset.

Our developers know exactly how to transform your vision into a highly functional and stunning mobile app for all your users to enjoy, no matter what your idea is.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Here at Strides, we go above and beyond to ensure we create exceptional technology for all our clients. We don't offer cookie-cutter mobile app development services; we view all our projects as unique and do what it takes to deliver a satisfying result for your brand. 

Our team of UI/UI designers, project managers, and consultants study the competition to see where we can fill in any gaps to provide a better service.

Some of the top services we deliver are:

Fintech Mobile App Development

Due to the world transitioning to a more cashless society, the demand for digital tools in FinTech is higher than ever. Developers can create B2B and B2B mobile applications to help improve the customer experience across the financial services industry. 

Austin is home to numerous industry-leading FinTech companies, and we can help your financial services company become one of them.

iOS Mobile Development

One of our primary focuses here at Strides is to provide the market with novel technology across a wide range of iOS mobile applications. Our team doesn't offer ordinary mobile apps, and instead, well-designed and highly functional iOS applications to our clients.

Android Mobile App Development

No matter what kind of technology you need for your business, our team of developers is highly knowledgeable in both traditional and contemporary Android application tech. 

We don't believe in creating Android applications by cramming in already existing technology and features we've developed on our iOS projects. Instead, we construct all our Android projects from scratch and create some of the best applications the market has ever seen.

While we refer to our iOS projects for inspiration, we make sure all our features and designs feel native to Android users.

The Cost of Developing a Mobile App

Companies can reap several benefits by creating a mobile app. Not only do they allow you more ways to interact with your customers, but they can also be revenue-generating machines. Whether you're selling merchandise, offering services, or selling subscriptions, there are countless ways an app can increase your company's bottom line.

A well-developed mobile app allows you to connect with your customers in unique ways. You can learn more about how they interact with your business and use that data to improve other areas of your operation.

That said, developing a successful mobile app can require a substantial investment of your two most valuable resources - time and money. Developing an app in-house can quickly become too expensive and time-consuming to be worthwhile. When you work with Strides, your project is handled by a team of expert designers, developers, and strategists to maximize your budget.

We offer access to some of the industry's most experienced professionals, and that's what allows us to create top-notch applications in a matter of weeks, not years. Our developers and designers have already worked on winning applications, so they know exactly what it takes to materialize your vision.

The Mobile App Development Market in Austin

Some of the Bay Area's top mobile development talent is moving to Austin in droves. As a result, Austin has a lot of skilled employees to offer any company looking to develop a successful mobile app.

Austin offers a more affordable cost of living than, making it a more financially rewarding place to live for top-tier app developers than other tech hubs like San Francisco.

Tech giants such as Oracle, DropBox, Facebook, and Google have already moved staff to the Texas city or have plans to in the upcoming years. In 2018, Austin was ranked as the fifth most popular location for San Francisco Linkedin employees to move to.

So is there room to develop a rival application for leading brands in Austin? Absolutely, and the growth doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As more major tech companies create headquarters in the Texas hub, growth opportunities will continue to be available for businesses of all sizes.

Hear anne's story:

“I was realizing that my vision was this small, and it needed to be THAT big.”

Anne Craig saw the difference in working with us in her first meeting where we ran her idea through our design thinking workshop. 

You can go anywhere and find a developer who will just do what you tell them to do…
We’ll actually collaborate with you to turn your idea into the biggest, baddest, version you can possibly create.

I started Strides because of a huge gap that needed to be filled…

Hey! I’m Austin Betzer 👋

Founders and developers essentially speak different languages… Which makes it REALLY hard for founders to get the right people on board their project in a meaningful way. 

I started Strides so that founders and developers could work hand-in-hand — towards the same goals and get way more done in way less time.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

Between our team, clients, network, and the guests we talk to every single week on our podcast,
How to Build An App, we have a deeper well of knowledge than your average code shop.
"Want to know how to get investors excited about your idea? Ask for their advice! If you go to an investor looking for advice, you get money. If you go asking for money, you get advice."
Jeff Erickson
"Yes, the bar is high for apps these days, but you’ve got to focus on solving one problem first and THEN you can consider taking other verticals on your product."
Zachariah Moreno
"The key to marketing? If you're building a software company and you're not thinking about how the product can ultimately sell itself, then you're not going to be able to compete."
Peter Caputa

Work With Strides

Are you thinking about developing a revolutionary app for your business? Let's chat! We've helped countless companies develop and implement successful mobile apps to better connect with their customers, and we'd love to help you next.
"Strides helped me build a high-fidelity prototype of my app idea, and I used that PROTOTYPE to go land new customers and a handful of deals... before we even began development. These guys are good."
Luke Spiker
founder, Aloe
"I am a HIGHLY skeptical person so it's really hard to impress me... I have to say after the first design strategy call I was like... 'OH. That's why they are so good at what they do.'"
Spencer Humiston
founder, Night Lights Event

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