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Between our team, clients, network, and the guests we talk to every single week on our podcast,
How to Build An App, we have a deeper well of knowledge than your average code shop.
"Want to know how to get investors excited about your idea? Ask for their advice! If you go to an investor looking for advice, you get money. If you go asking for money, you get advice."
Jeff Erickson
"Yes, the bar is high for apps these days, but you’ve got to focus on solving one problem first and THEN you can consider taking other verticals on your product."
Zachariah Moreno
"The key to marketing? If you're building a software company and you're not thinking about how the product can ultimately sell itself, then you're not going to be able to compete."
Peter Caputa
case studies

Want a behind-the-scenes view of some of our recent projects? 

You have brilliant ideas and new solutions to common problems.

For real, your idea is pretty damn cool… Like “change the game,” “shake things up,” “make a dent in the universe,” kinda cool…

There’s only one problem. It’s just an idea, and you need to put that idea in the palm of your hand…

THAT’s the tricky part… Designs, revisions, billable hours, developers who won’t talk on the phone, nerds who demand ping pong tables and soda machines?
Developers are just freaking hard to work with. (We know, because we are developers)
So that’s what we decided to help you with…

High-quality app development from developers who live in the US, with a team you can talk to on the phone. 

That’s it — nothing fancy. Just the way app development should be.

Hear anne's story:

“I was realizing that my vision was this small, and it needed to be THAT big.”

Anne Craig saw the difference in working with us in her first meeting where we ran her idea through our design thinking workshop. 

You can go anywhere and find a developer who will just do what you tell them to do…
We’ll actually collaborate with you to turn your idea into the biggest, baddest, version you can possibly create.
How We Do It

We’re your dedicated team for short sprints.  

Our business model is to get in, get it done, and get out. Yeah, we can be your team for the long-haul, but like projects with clear finish lines.

Our clients love us because we’ll think about the problem you’re trying to solve, give you great advice, and then jump in and build it over a series of sprints with a new feature release every week.

We’re your entire development team from idea to release — that means no more finger pointing, no more designs that are impossible to build, and no more half-baked ideas that you have to “settle with."

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How We're different

We know what we’re doing, but that’s not why we’re different.

Being talented doesn’t make us any different… Obviously you only want to work with a talented and visionary team who has the chops to get your idea done.

That’s not what makes us different…

We’re different because of the way we communicate — we don’t “go off into our development cave and come back out 6 months later…”

You’re in control the entire time with weekly or biweekly meetings and complete transparency throughout the entire process.


I started Strides because of a huge gap that needed to be filled…

Hey! I’m Austin Betzer 👋

Founders and developers essentially speak different languages… Which makes it REALLY hard for founders to get the right people on board their project in a meaningful way. 

I started Strides so that founders and developers could work hand-in-hand — towards the same goals and get way more done in way less time.

We use the best tools around:

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