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Some of the brands we work with...

Ready to build a Native Android App?

We'll help you build a great Android app

It doesn’t matter if your Android app is just an idea, you have finished designs, you are part-way through your build, or you have an existing app and you’re ready to build version 2.0 — We can help you refine your idea, write quality code, and release an awesome app. 

Many of our clients already have a successful iOS app and realize they are missing out on a huge portion of the market by not delivering an Android App. If this is you, we are happy to help.

How many Android devices are there? Over 3 BILLION. 

Android is the dominant player in the market when it comes to QUANTITY and range of devices. Android is the operating system for Samsung, Amazon Fire, Zebra scanners, and most of the non-iOS devices out there. 

An Android app won’t only allow you to capture a big portion of your target audience on their mobile devices — it will allow you to expand your platform to new uses.

Source: There are over 3 billion active Android devices

We can help you build a robust Android App that works everywhere. 

We’ll help you build a native Java or Kotlin Android app that is robust, scaleable, and powerful. 

One advantage of working with an agency who’s done this before? Covering your blind spots!

Too often we see founders who rush into code without taking the steps to validate their idea, design an app that solves specific pain points, and test their assumptions through user interviews. Yes, we can help you with the code, but we can also help you with the rest of the puzzle and the other pieces you need to consider to make your idea a smash success. One advantage of working with an agency who’s done this before? Covering your blind spots!

We can help you get your app idea live on the Android platform.

We’re excited to showcase these beautiful app builds and show you how we solved key problems and roadblocks that allowed these ideas to come to life.

I started Strides because of a huge gap that needed to be filled…

Hey! I’m Austin Betzer 👋

Founders and developers essentially speak different languages… Which makes it REALLY hard for founders to get the right people on board their project in a meaningful way. 

I started Strides so that founders and developers could work hand-in-hand — towards the same goals and get way more done in way less time.

5 Reasons Strides Development is the right choice for your Android app project:

We can help you app the way from concept to finished code.
We manage your app-build process from beginning to end. We love the process of turning your ideas into finished apps, live on the app store and we have experience with holding workshops to refine ideas and features, designing high-fidelity prototypes used for raising money, optimizing app store listings, and more.
Our team is US-based, on-demand, and ridiculously skilled.
There is a time and place for using offshore teams to save money, but that’s not what you want to do when you’re first building your app. We are kind of obsessed with quality assurance and building apps with stable (and well-documented) code behind them.
We’re not just code geeks: We have a full team across different disciplines.
The “code” of your app actually shouldn’t be your main focal point… We’ve found that when you focus on making an app that solves a real problem for your users, and you get REALLY clear about your features, the rest of the process becomes smooth. Our team is well-versed in market research, user testing, data collection, and marketing. Yeah, we’ll code a great app, but we have the other pieces you need as well. 
We’ll remove the chaos and confusion from the process and make this fun for you.
The main difference you’ll notice in working with Strides? Communication! We have the process clearly laid out and you’ll be able to see the roadmap and vision so you know how to move through each stage of the process. 
Bottom line? We know what it takes to make an app wildly successful.
In this process, we become partners in your idea and our role becomes helping YOU as the founder make the best decisions possible. We are experts in helping our clients narrow in on the features that really matter. 
Hear anne's story:

“I was realizing that my vision was this small, and it needed to be THAT big.”

Anne Craig saw the difference in working with us in her first meeting where we ran her idea through our design thinking workshop. 

You can go anywhere and find a developer who will just do what you tell them to do…
We’ll actually collaborate with you to turn your idea into the biggest, baddest, version you can possibly create.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

Between our team, clients, network, and the guests we talk to every single week on our podcast,
How to Build An App, we have a deeper well of knowledge than your average code shop.
"Want to know how to get investors excited about your idea? Ask for their advice! If you go to an investor looking for advice, you get money. If you go asking for money, you get advice."
Jeff Erickson
"Yes, the bar is high for apps these days, but you’ve got to focus on solving one problem first and THEN you can consider taking other verticals on your product."
Zachariah Moreno
"The key to marketing? If you're building a software company and you're not thinking about how the product can ultimately sell itself, then you're not going to be able to compete."
Peter Caputa

Ready to build your Android app?

Here's how our process works and how to get started with us:
Schedule a 30-minute strategy call with us.
We want to hear your app’s story. We want to hear your story.
Fill out a quick application so we know how to help.
Let us know the particulars around funding, budgets, and timeline.
Come to your strategy call ready to rock & roll.
We promise to give you some great insights. Ready?
"Strides helped me build a high-fidelity prototype of my app idea, and I used that PROTOTYPE to go land new customers and a handful of deals... before we even began development. These guys are good."
Luke Spiker
founder, Aloe
"I am a HIGHLY skeptical person so it's really hard to impress me... I have to say after the first design strategy call I was like... 'OH. That's why they are so good at what they do.'"
Spencer Humiston
founder, Night Lights Event

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What Makes Us Different

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What language are Android apps written in?
Android apps are primarily built in Java or Kotlin. Java is an official language and is supported by Android Studio. Kotlin is now Google’s preferred language, but is not as widely used outside of Android studio. We’ll help you make the right technical decision for your app and needs. 
Are Android developers in demand?
The mobile market is exploding, and Android developers are in very high demand. The talent shortage keeps driving salaries higher and higher, even for entry-level positions. Developers are looking for stability and want to work with teams — we take care of finding the best talent so you don’t have to try and do that on your own.
Can you take over an existing project or app?
If you have an existing app, or a partially completed app, we’d have to get under the hood and see what things look like before committing to taking on your project. What we’re looking for is clean code with documentation and not too many bugs and rabbit holes. If you’ve worked with a good developer, chances are we can pick up where they left off. If your developer cut corners you might be looking at a total rebuild.
Do I need a separate app for iPhone and Android?
It is important to know that building an app for one platform doesn’t mean that you can just change a few lines of code and launch that app on another platform. Every platform uses their own language, so your app will need to be written in multiple languages if you want it to work on iPhone, Android, and a desktop computer. Lucky for you, we can help you make this happen!