Our process ensures that when we say we can get it done, we KNOW we can deliver.

We are big on communication, clarity, and transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of your app.. So as you’re working through who to trust with your app idea, We want to give you some insight to how we work AND how the process works with us and our clients.
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Some of the brands we work with...

Ready to go? Here's our 8-step process once we're official:

We'll hold your hand as we take you through each stage of your build.


Our first set of meetings is all about getting to know your idea on an intimate level. What are the strategic advantages you have as a company? What are the features we should prioritize? How does your idea fit into the bigger picture?

Design Workshops

It’s really fun to get under the hood of your idea and start documenting how these features will come to life. This is done through our “AS-IS” workshop where we diagram how your customer solves a certain problem right now, and through our “TO-BE” workshop where we dream about a better way to solve those problems in our dream world.

Competitive Audit

Let’s see how your idea stacks up against the existing players out there. By mapping the strengths, weaknesses, and positioning of your competitors, we can build a plan for how YOU can cut through the noise with your new app.



Now that we know what we’re building, who we’re helping, and which features are the most important, now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. This is done through our high-fidelity design process where you’ll be able to see exactly how your app will look, feel, and function.

Usability Testing

This is where our design is put to the test. Through interviews, collecting feedback, and watching users go through a recorded demo of your app, we’ll see where people get hung up. This allows us to tweak the design together to solve problems at a fraction of the cost and hassle it would take to make changes after we’ve coded out certain sections and features.

Development Roadmap

This is where we bridge the gap from what we want to build, to what's possible. We'll come to you with solutions, technical feasibility, timelines, integrations, and development recommendations, broken down by milestones. This gives you a tangible development roadmap that matches your business goals.

Feature Releases

This is the most fun part about how we work — bi-weekly feature releases. You should start to see your app take shape after 6 weeks of coding and you’ll have a prototype version you can play with along the way.


We’ll stick with you to see your app reach the finish line. From app store optimization, to growth-hacking your downloads, and more. We’re not just here to help you build your app — we’re here to help you turn it into a smash success.

I started Strides because of a huge gap that needed to be filled…

Hey! I’m Austin Betzer 👋

Founders and developers essentially speak different languages… Which makes it REALLY hard for founders to get the right people on board their project in a meaningful way. 

I started Strides so that founders and developers could work hand-in-hand — towards the same goals and get way more done in way less time.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

Between our team, clients, network, and the guests we talk to every single week on our podcast,
How to Build An App, we have a deeper well of knowledge than your average code shop.
"Want to know how to get investors excited about your idea? Ask for their advice! If you go to an investor looking for advice, you get money. If you go asking for money, you get advice."
Jeff Erickson
"Yes, the bar is high for apps these days, but you’ve got to focus on solving one problem first and THEN you can consider taking other verticals on your product."
Zachariah Moreno
"The key to marketing? If you're building a software company and you're not thinking about how the product can ultimately sell itself, then you're not going to be able to compete."
Peter Caputa
"Strides helped me build a high-fidelity prototype of my app idea, and I used that PROTOTYPE to go land new customers and a handful of deals... before we even began development. These guys are good."
Luke Spiker
founder, Aloe
"I am a HIGHLY skeptical person so it's really hard to impress me... I have to say after the first design strategy call I was like... 'OH. That's why they are so good at what they do.'"
Spencer Humiston
founder, Night Lights Event

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