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December 15, 2021

Hiring Faster and Smarter with Robb Lifferth (IsoTalent)

This episode breaks down the challenges of the hiring process, and pointers on how to make sure that you’re hiring the best candidates for your startup.
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Show Notes

Welcome back to How to Build an App!

As a founder, there will come a time where you have to start bringing more people onto your team.

Whether it’s finding a co-founder, bringing on a developer, or hiring a development shop, you can’t do this alone.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, there is no one person who can strategize, concept, design, build, develop, test, AND launch your app.

Chances are, you’ll have to go through the hiring process several times, especially if you’re looking to scale up.

So how do you go about finding the right fit for your team?

We brought Robb Lifferth on the show this week to deliver some great pointers!

Robb is the co-founder and COO of IsoTalent, a technology enabled recruiting service with a 95% retention rate (15% higher than industry standard).

IsoTalent helps companies hire faster and smarter, and reduces the average recruiting cost per hire by over 75%.

Basically, it’s their job to find the best fit for each company with speed and efficiency.

In this episode, Robb breaks down the challenges of the hiring process, and some important things to keep in mind so that you’re hiring the best candidates for your startup.


Learn more about IsoTalent here:

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Full Video Interview

Watch the full-length version here. 

Guest Appearance: 

LEFT: Robb Lifferth

TOP RIGHT: Bowdrie Price

BOTTOM RIGHT: Austin Betzer

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