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December 22, 2021

Building Acorns, the Micro-investing Platform with Walter Cruttenden (Acorns)

How one of the largest, most successful micro-investing platform came to be.
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Show Notes

Welcome back to How To Build An App!

This week, we’ve brought Walter Cruttenden, the co-founder of Acorns onto the show!

I feel like everyone’s heard of Acorns, but if you haven’t, it’s a micro-investing platform that allows users to set up automated investments through round-ups.

Basically Acorns rounds up a debit or credit card purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the change for you automatically.

It’s a super cool platform that’s helped A LOT of people save money and get into investing, and Walter is going to tell us all about how it came to be!

In this episode, you’ll get to hear the Acorn's backstory and how Walter and his son built the company and scaled it up.

We’ll talk about the challenges they had to overcome, breakthroughs they made, ups and downs, failures and successes, tidbits of advice for new founders and everything in between.

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Full Video Interview

Want to see the entire interview behind this episode? Watch the full-length version here.

Guest Appearance:

LEFT: Walter Cruttenden
TOP RIGHT: Bowdrie Price
BOTTOM RIGHT: Austin Betzer

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