6 Best Dog Walking Apps for Next Level Fun [2022]

What’s the best dog walking app for 2022? Give your pup the time of his life and some next-level fun with these six apps!
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January 14, 2022
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Are you looking for the best dog walking apps to get your pup some more exercise? Or maybe you have an awesome idea for a dog walking app and want to see what’s already out there. Either way, there are six apps currently on the market that are way ahead of the competition, and for a good reason.

Let’s take a look.

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1. Rover - Most Popular Dog Walking App

The first idea for Rover was to create an app that functions as Airbnb for dogs. It began as a startup in 2011 by a college junior named Philip Kimmey. He teamed up with Greg Gottesman—a venture capitalist whose dog had recently developed kennel cough while boarded. Later on, they added some Microsoft alumni and Aaron Easterly, who is now the CEO. The app is now home to the largest network of dog caretakers and walkers in the country. Rover offers house sitting, daycare, grooming, dog walking, and boarding in over 24,000 neighborhoods.

Using the Rover app is as easy as entering your location, choosing which pet service you need, and when you’ll need them. For dog daycare or walking, you can choose a single visit or recurring services. Then, after answering some basic questions about your pup, you get to view the users in your area and choose who you’d like to look after them. Rover also provides ongoing education for its pet sitters, exceptional customer support, and background checks on the people who will be taking care of your pet.

2. Barkly Pets - Best Walking-Only App

Barkly Pets, based in Washington, DC, was founded by three friends and neighbors who realized they needed reliable last-minute help with taking care of their dogs. Thirty-minute walks cost between $15 and $22, depending on location. Barkly Pets also provides in-person training for their dog walkers, and they allow owners to choose whom they’d like to walk their pup.

The app’s walkers operate between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., and users can leave a checklist of things to do with their dog and let them know about any medications or special considerations. Through the Barkly Pets app, owners can track the walks and get photos and updates from the walkers.

Using dog walking app by the ocean at sunset.

3. Petbacker - Best for When You’re Traveling

Petbacker is based in Singapore, but the app covers the entire US. The company is a growing resource for dog lovers worldwide and operates from India to Italy and beyond. It’s ideal for travelers who bring their pup everywhere with them. The app has simple navigation and makes scheduling walks easy. Dog walkers set their prices, and you can choose whomever you like best. Each walker also gets verified reviews to earn “trust points”—you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet with Petbacker’s walkers.

Petbacker also performs checks on their walkers to ensure they’re giving quality care to each dog. Owners get a report card on their dog after each walk, providing information about where they went, if your pup went to the bathroom, etc. The app also offers sitting, grooming, boarding, and transportation services. Many users of the app love that they earn loyalty points that they can use as they accumulate to get large discounts on services.

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4. Fetch! - Best for Dog Walking at Odd Hours

The Fetch! Pet Care company is a national franchise, and its app matches dog walkers and sitters from their network with different owners based on their specific needs. Opening in Berkeley, California in 2002, it now operates around the country to help busy pet owners. Before you book a dog walker, you get an in-home consultation with them to get acquainted with you and your pup and ensure everyone is a good fit.

Once the walk begins, dog owners can expect to get update calls, texts, and a report on how their pup behaved. Walks typically cost between $18 and $24 per session. Fetch! also offers overnight care, puppy training, and a “Pet Taxi” service when your dog needs a friend to visit the vet with. Every walker and sitter is insured and background checked. Fetch! offers great reliability—they have a backup for each reservation!

5. Wag! - Best for On-Demand Dog Walking

When Wag! launched back in 2015, stars like Mariah Carey and Olivia Munn endorsed it, quickly putting the Silicon Valley startup app in front of a huge audience. Wag! stands out from other competing apps because of its quick service. Dog walks start out at $15, and you can order them in 20, 30, or 60-minute time blocks. For those with multiple pets, Wag! only charges an additional $5 per walk for them to tag along too.

All of the walkers get background checks and are insured. The app also lets you see your pup’s location in real-time, and dog owners can expect photos and report cards after each visit. Plus, Wag! offers more than walks, with services including overnight pet sitting, daycare, boarding, and simple drop-in visits. A portion of Wag!’s profits also goes to the GreaterGood.org Rescue Bank—an organization that provides food to animal shelters across the country.

Taking dog for a walk next to sunflower fields on sunny day.

6. Holidog - Best for Variable Pricing

The Holidog app acts as a middleman between dog owners and dog enthusiasts—users looking for a more personalized experience love this company. Holidog also offers boarding, pet sitting, and in-home visits in addition to dog walks, and all of their sitters are personally vetted by the company’s advisors. Dog owners can search the site for walkers and sitters for free, while the dog lovers can set their own rates. Users have to pay a fee each time they book through the app, but Holidog offers a membership subscription that covers the fees.

However, because each dog walker chooses which assignment they accept, users need to book early. It can often take a day to get a reply. Users can book walks through the Holidog app in 30-minute increments.

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