10 Best Motorcycle Apps of 2021: Ride Fun & Free

Are you planning a motorcycle trip soon? These are the apps you need to consider downloading before you go.
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October 29, 2021
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Being able to enjoy the thrill of the ride, the rush of the wind, and the feeling of unrestrained freedom and adrenaline are all major parts of what motorcyclists love about taking a long ride on an open road, no matter what their destination may be. While mobile devices are probably the last thing any biker wants to be concerned with when it comes to their excursions, they’ve more or less become a necessity. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to plan their trips, track their purchases during that trip, and ensure that they’re headed towards the correct destinations. The following is a list of the ten best motorcycle apps currently available on the market as of 2021.  

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Gas Buddy

While Gas Buddy was made to serve all sorts of riders in all kinds of vehicles, it’s especially beneficial for motorcycle bikers looking for the best locations to fill up their tank after a long journey on the open road. The app itself makes use of information from a massive community of riders and drivers alike to report gas station reviews, prices, and more. It even provides discounts for those who pay for their fuel through the app.

You can get the Gas Buddy app for free here.


Waze is a stellar app that holds the title of the world’s most extensive community-based navigation and traffic app currently available on the market. It serves as one of the best sources of real-time navigation to help drivers avoid the morning rush, no matter what kind of vehicle you may drive or wherever you may be headed. The app is the ultimate resource for all sorts of commuters!

You can download Waze here for free.


Riser is a specialized app that caters to the modern rider by providing a range of tips to help you on your next big adventure. Not only does it suggest fantastic locations to visit and helps you plan customized routes quickly, but it also allows you to document your journey to share with your friends. 

You can purchase Riser for free here, but also consider splurging for its in-app subscription. 

Diablo Super Biker

This free app presented by Pirelli can track some of the most valuable information available about your motorcycle, and every rider out there would be wise to consider installing it before hitting the road. From tire width and maximum acceleration to detecting weather conditions and altitude calculations, this is one app that’s sure to provide you with more than enough information to help ensure your ride goes smoothly. Especially since it can even evaluate the types of asphalt you’re traveling on during the trip!

You can get Diablo Super Biker on the Apple AppStore for free.

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Best Biking Roads

This app is very similar to other tracking and GPS-based applications. Still, it also features a fantastic, easy-to-use interface along with the ability to locate new routes based on your riding preferences. It serves as an interactive interface app that reveals popular motorcycle routes near your current location while also allowing you to share new routes with other riders and make comments on existing routes.

You can purchase Best Biking Roads here for only $4.

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Eat Sleep Ride

Two motorcycle riders driving on an old road.

Eat Sleep Ride is considered a must-have for any riders looking to undergo a long journey, and it features one of the largest communities of motorcycle connoisseurs from around the world. It’s marked as a GPS app, but don’t let that fool you. It comes with a massive range of practical and social features, including ride tracking and safety amenities. Track your rides without the use of data, and even create your own private ride groups to keep track of your friends on the road.

You can get Eat Sleep Ride for free here.


Rever is one of several social apps that allow riders to connect, discover the best places to ride, and even create and track their own customized journey routes. The app features impressive offline mapping capabilities for the added cost of just $4 per month for a premium subscription, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious phone data throughout the trip.

You can get Rever for free here and try it for yourself before signing up for a premium account.

Dark Sky

This app contains a ton of valuable weather information, featuring down-to-the-minute forecasting and notifications for unsuitable riding conditions, letting you know when the rain will start and stop and when you’ll be safe getting back out on the road. This advanced technological companion is something that every biker should have on their phone to help keep them out of all kinds of weather trouble.

You can purchase Dark Sky here for only $4.

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Camp & RV

It can be tricky figuring out a place to stay the night when you’re out on the road, which is why bikers need access to the Camp & RV app to help them filter and find whatever locations they may need, even without internet access. Locate RV parks, fuel stations, rest areas, repair shops, and much more with the help of this essential application to help make your ride as smooth as possible.

You can purchase the Camp & RV app here for only $10.


Though this may be the most boring app included on this list, Autosist is an essential tool for experienced riders who know the value of keeping track of their mileage, service, fuel costs, and so much more without the need to carry around a binder filled with receipts and paperwork. The app even lets you scan documents like your insurance certificate to provide you with easy access to everything you may end up needing when on the road.

You can purchase Autosist for free here.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

A motorcycle rider parked on the side of the road, taking in the view.

Taking a long ride on your motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but you must have all the right tools you need to stay safe and on schedule for your journey. So make sure you check out these different apps before starting your next big trip! And if you’d like more information about some other stellar apps, or even how you can help bring your own app ideas into the world, be sure to check out the wide range of expertly crafted resources and the stellar services proudly offered by the industry experts at Strides today.

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