Best Web App Ideas to Grow Your Business [2021]

Are you looking to build a web app for your company? Here are the best web app ideas to grow your business in 2021!
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November 12, 2021
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In the past, a simple website was enough to establish an online presence for a business. But now, with a myriad of web apps on the market, it’s more challenging than ever to meet the ever-growing demands of app innovation, especially for small businesses and startups.

Let’s look at the best web app ideas to grow your business.

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7 Best Web Apps for Businesses in 2021

Web applications can use both client-side and server-side scripts, along with JS technologies like React and Node. They provide great ways for customers to interact with a company through content management systems, online forms, and more. Web apps can also benefit business owners and employees by making data analysis, onboarding, and document creation and sharing simple and streamlined.

Web apps are the face of your business, and many companies are implementing new app projects as a sustainable business venture.

Here are seven of the best web apps you can develop to grow your business in 2021.

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1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

CRM platforms help businesses manage their relationships with their customers in an easy, streamlined way. While there are many prevalent, easily accessible CRMs available on the market (like Hubspot and Salesforce), most of them are focused on helping medium and large companies scale. The market for CRMS designed for smaller businesses and startups is much less saturated with web apps. 

The strategy for building a CRM web app is making it simple and easy to use for any business. If designed for startups and small businesses, it’s important that your CRM web app can adapt to an ever-growing and ever-changing business model.

2. CEO Dashboard Web Apps

In present day business, we collect and use an enormous amount of data. The biggest issue isn’t accessing the data, but understanding it. A CEO dashboard web app makes analyzing large amounts of data an easier task. CEOs of businesses, especially B2B and SaaS companies, constantly monitor their product metrics, which requires a lot of data.

By building a reliable and scalable dashboard app, CEOs and marketers can consolidate their data in a single space and easily access, analyze, and gain insights from that data. These web apps can also include automatic visual representations and create complex graphs and charts on demand.

3. Employee Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding is a process that every business has, and most of them could use some improvement. Without a streamlined onboarding process, hiring a new employee becomes a hassle of providing essential documents, ensuring they receive the right training materials, etc.

By building an employee orientation web app, onboarding becomes more simple and more effective. These applications allow HR to onboard employees easily by doing things like:

  • Offering all of the training resources new employees need automatically
  • Handing out and collecting all necessary orientation documents and paperwork
  • Handling the entire onboarding process without mistakes or missing any important procedures.

Employee onboarding apps are one of the most popular (and profitable) web app investment ideas.

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4. Customizable Payment Gateways

While there are many payment gateway apps on the market, many of them don’t offer the level of customization many e-commerce businesses would like. Personalized payment web apps mean that businesses can add or remove any functionalities and fields on their payment forms to work better for their unique business. 

Offering diverse payment choices, removing irrelevant fields, and adding personalized transactional functions are just a few of the benefits that customizable payment gateway apps can bring to e-commerce businesses.

5. Customer Service Chatbots

Customer service is a crucial part of any business, and while chatbots can’t replace your CSRs, they can offer 24/7 automated assistance to your customers. Chatbots also lighten the workload of CSRs by pointing common questions to FAQs and knowledge bases, filtering questions to get users to the right reps, and making getting simple answers a quick, easy, and accessible experience.

While there are quite a few chatbot web apps on the market, most organizations prefer to implement one that is tailored to their business rather than a generic application, which is where the profitability and growth potential lies.

6. Drop Shipping Web Apps

The drop shipping business model has been around for a long time, and it’s still a popular e-commerce venture. Many startups start by drop shipping to reduce their overhead costs and operate without a physical inventory. Business owners who want to start drop shipping need to partner with suppliers, market their items, and sell their products via a drop shipping web app. 

Drop shipping web applications streamline and automate the process, making buying and selling easy for both the business owner and customer.

7. Progressive Web Applications

While a progressive web application isn’t an app in the same sense as the others on this list, it offers a similar experience to users. You’ve probably seen pop-ups when visiting a website that say things like “add to home screen.” If you allow it, you’ll basically get a lite version of the website that offers an app-like experience and, often, some offline functionalities—this is a progressive web app.

These apps are built around creating a fast, integrated, and reliable experience for the user.

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Choosing a Web App Idea to Grow Your Business

It might seem difficult to create a web app when the market is so competitive, and coming up with a 100% original idea without competitors is almost impossible.

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Working with a company that has a team of experienced, skilled web app developers is one of the best ways to get a better outcome from your web app idea. You can share and discuss ideas with the development team and brainstorm with them to come up with and refine ideas for your application. Finding the right tech partner can help take your web app idea to a tangible, dynamic solution.

At Strides, we can help refine and launch your web app idea in a matter of weeks, not years. We work with business owners and startups to design, build, and scale their app projects.

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