7 Best Apps for Couples: Motivate, Inspire, Spice It Up [2022]

Ever wonder what are the best apps for couples? Keep on reading if you want to take things to the next level in your relationship!
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There are millions of people using tinder-like apps to meet someone new each day. According to statistics, approximately 75 million users monthly use tinder, with 6.2 million subscribers. Meeting someone new isn't that hard anymore. The real challenge now is how to keep that relationship alive. Successful relationships don't sprout from lack of effort and time. On the contrary, they require effort, commitment, patience, and lots of love from both partners. 

Are you already into dating apps? Then why not use another app to strengthen your relationship? Today's dating apps can motivate, inspire, and even spice things up

This article will address the best apps that can be very useful when it comes to communication, finance, sex life, and how to spice things up. 

Coral: Take Your Relationship Intimacy To The Next Level

There are no strong and lasting relationships without the power of intimacy.

The Coral app helps you increase your intimacy and happiness with your partner through professional coaching. Inside the app, you'll be able to talk to experts, track your journey, and partake in exercises by yourself or with your partner.Each day you launch the app, you'll be asked targeted questions to strengthen your relationships. Questions range from:

  • Your level of happiness
  • Your feelings
  • Your satisfaction with your sex life
  • What would you like to improve with your relationship 

The app also comes with a function that gives you suggestions for you to spice things up in bed. 

The "Play" option is a feature for you to practice various types of exercises. You can choose short or long activities, depending on what you are in the mood to do with your partner. If you are shy about role-playing or it's hard for you to set the mood, you can do it with music. The app comes with "Steamy Shoegaze", "Sexy Pop" or "Ambient Vibes" music for these occasions. 

Another great feature that the app comes with is that you can message your partner privately through the app. This makes it ultra special because it's only you and them, unlike other messaging apps. 

You can get it on the Apple App Store or in the Play Store.

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Couple at a lake taking a selfie.

Coupleness: An App For All Types Of Relationships

Coupleness only asks three minutes of your time each day, every day. That's it! Everyone has at least three minutes of free time a day, right?

Open the app at any time during the day and simply answer the daily prompt question. Since the app is connected to your partner, you will be able to see how they are feeling about the relationship and where would they like it to be headed.  

It's hard for you to come up with topics to talk about? The app has you covered! The app offers excellent conversation topics if you need an ice breaker or if you want to get to know your partner better. Since both partners are connected through the app, both people can let each other know what has affected them. They can react with emojis, gifs, and pictures to show their feelings. 

Like to journal? The app has this inbuilt function that you will love. Although it's an optional feature, it can come in handy if you'd like to write a quick entry and then refer to it in the future. This is great if it's hard for you to recall things or to explain your feelings. Inside the app, there are "Relationship Boosters". They basically cut down the time you spend on your phone and suggest you start cuddling with your partner instead. 

There are also additional tips, articles, and questions you can answer to work at a deeper level in your relationship.

Users really like Coupleness because you can view your partner's insights, thoughts, and important information about the relationship as a whole. This gives everyone an idea of what they should improve and how they should do it. You can get a lot of insight by studying the data.

You can get it in the Apple App Store or in the Play Store.

Between: Private Messages For Romantic Couples

Between is a mobile app for couples crazy in love! You can track important days, share photos, videos, and chat all in one private space.

Girls are especially into this app for all the customization they can do to pictures. They can modify pictures with stickers and make them look really funny! The app allows you to snap photos of your partner and organize them into one beautiful album. Both of you can look back at your anniversary photos, your last week’s date, or your trip to Paris! All these pictures will be available inside the "story" tab, where you can access them at any time.

The truth is that normal messaging apps can be pretty boring. But with Between you will always have fun and always look forward to your next date. This app is an alternative option way to stay in touch with your special someone privately and securely. The app also allows you to look at each other's calendars to see if your plans don't interfere with each other! This is great if both of you are really busy people. 

Also, Between has a countdown feature that hypes you up when your planned date is getting close!

You can get the Between app at their official website

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GoodBudget: Track Your Financial Life With Your Partner

Keeping track of all financial expenses can be a real challenge. Do you have a shared bank account with your partner? Things can be really complicated then. But they don't have to be if everything is kept in check. Goodbudget is a simple tracking app that makes keeping your financial expenses on check super easy and more enjoyable.  The app is simple to use and super intuitive. You can get it at the Apple App Store or in the Play Store.

Think of it as a basic accounting app that keeps track of your monthly expenses. You only have to put in your monthly income, how much you think you'll spend and keep track of every purchase. That's it! You can create a family budget and denote specific money for certain expenses.For example, you can create categories like:

  • Groceries
  • Bills
  • Dinner
  • Date night expenses
  • Clothing

Then you'd assign how much money you can spend on each. 

You will be able to see if your budget cuts it or if you need to hold back on buying that new pair of shoes you fell in love with five minutes ago. The app helps you not overspend, which is great if you are used to it. 

The app gives you a visualization of your money leaks and how you will pay them. Nice, ain't it? You can sync all the information across compatible devices, so each person is on the same page. This app isn't meant to make you rich. Instead, it's meant to be an intelligent way to help you keep track of your money. If you need help getting started with your finance app, we can help you! Just head to our contact us page to reach us. 

Do you have a brilliant app idea but don’t know how to get started? Contact us today to get started today! 

Love Nudge: Learn Your Partners Love Language And Make Them Head Over Heels For You

Sometimes talking about finances, feelings, or sex boils down to communication. According to studies, communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship and family. 

All apps in this list address some form of basic communication. However, Love Nudge takes it to the next level because it teaches the user how to do it. 

It touches on aspects like:

  • Physical touch
  • Quality of time
  • Affirmation words
  • Positive thinking
  • Acts of service
  • How to give gifts

The app asks you what is more essential for you to. Love Nudge prompts you to take a short quiz to help identify which of the five love languages are most important to you. 

Do you like receiving gifts or a simple "I love you" from your partner? 

The app saves these responses and then sends them to your partner. 

Love Nudge also analyzes your responses and gives you personalized suggestions to speak to your partner's desires. 

Love Nudge will also encourage you to think and try harder. For example, maybe you don't like cooking and prefer going out to eat, but Love Nudge will perhaps tell you it's better to cook something for your loved one. 

It can also encourage you to ask them to see how their day is going or to watch a movie together.The app also evolves with you based on how your relationship is developing.  

There is an option within the app that allows you to nudge one another any time you want. This encourages attention between partners and makes them interested in each other more. 

Inside the app, a "love tank" fills up when specific goals or tasks are completed. You can also highlight what you like about your partner and what you'd love to see them do. 

Get the app in the Apple Store or in the Play Store

Happy Couple: The Relationship Gaming App

Are you into gaming? Are you in a relationship? Say no more. Welcome to Happy Couple. This romantic gaming app helps partners strengthen their relationships by answering 5 simple questions each day. 

The app’s design is also aesthetically beautiful. Any person who lands on this application will see how much effort it went into the UI & UX design. This is also another solid reason why users enjoy using the app. 

This app does a great job of helping people get to know each other in a short amount of time. This is beneficial if both people live in different time zones and don't have time to talk during the day. 

This app is great for all types of couples. It's not limited to one gender, and it doesn't matter if you have been dating for a week or months. 

The app is perfect for you if you are:

  • Separated by distance
  • Married
  • Have time to answer 5 questions every day
  • Like gaming platforms
  • Interested in knowing your partner better

In the app, you'll gain points for every goal you meet. Users can then move to another "level" or unlock new challenges.

All these questions are meant to spice things up and form intimate bonds. 

The app will personalize questions and challenges daily so users can improve their relationships and make them more intimate. 

You can get the happy couple app here.

Couple walking down the street taking selfie and hug.

Cobble: Never Run Out Of Dating Ideas

Whether you live in New York City, California, Florida, Georgia, or just happen to be visiting, there is a lot to do. 

Cobble is a smart application that lets you and your partner choose a memorable place to visit in a stress-free way. 

All options available in the Cobble app have been curated to make things more interesting and make the most out of every date night. 

Don't like guessing where you are going to go? The apps will take care of that for you. There are more than 3,000 fun ideas you can choose from, including going to exotic restaurants, bars, clubs, and special events.

All you have to do is schedule the time and place inside the app. You can buy tickets or make reservations with your smartphone.  

We are positive you will be hooked to this app in no time. 

If you need help with getting started with your dating app, we at Strides Development take pride in our quality of work and will gladly help you if you need guidance. 

You can try out the Cobble app at their official website.

Merge: Split tasks, share plans, and always be organized

According to studies, partners that share tasks are more supportive and have more sex. It doesn't matter if you are married for a week or a whole decade, there will always be tasks that can be managed between the two of you. 

From personal experience, I know it can get complicated trying to stay on top of chores around the house. But Merge is that app that helps couples split the work without overcomplicating things.

There are apps Trello, Asana, or Google notes that could do this, but they lack something very important: They are not optimized for couples. These apps look boring and make it seem like a 9-5 job at most. 

You don't have to worry about this with Merge.

You can make tasks be individual or by teamwork--however you'd like to choose. 

There is a small section to add notes or details about the project so each person can be on the same page. All lists that you've created can be filtered and sorted with just a tap. 

Some users have reported using the app's ability to vote on preferences to remind themselves to pay household bills or subscriptions plans that are coming due.

Try out the Merge app here.

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Wrapping Up

These are the best apps you can take advantage of if you want to take things to the next level with your loved one. 

Each app has been crafted specifically for couples that are willing to improve their love life. If you have an app idea that you’d like to see come to life, you can visit our services page and we will help you get started! 

So, are you eager to improve your love life? Here is the list of apps you should consider getting if you want to do it:

  1. Coral
  2. Coupleness
  3. GoodBudget
  4. Love Nudge
  5. Happy Couple
  6. Cobble
  7. Merge

Looking for a team of professionals to develop your app and launch it? Contact us to see all your available options to turn your dreams into a reality!

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