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October 6, 2021

Creating an Investor-Ready Pitch Deck with Allison Byers (Scroobious)

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Show Notes

Welcome back to How To Build An App!

In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into how to create and present an investor-ready pitch deck.

Our guest is Allison Byers, and honestly, she blew us away with her experience in this realm.

Her background is actually in psychology and after being passed up for a job that she was way overqualified for, she decided to try her hand at business.

Clearly, that worked out for her! She went from fundraising over 10 million dollars for a startup medical device company to founding her own fundraising platform, Scroobious.

You’ll hear more about Scroobious in this episode, but basically it’s a virtual platform and community to quickly and meaningfully connect underrepresented founders, investors, and partners.

This episode is definitely a must-listen for all founders.

Allison covers what to include and not include in your pitch deck, how long it should be, tips on presenting, and even runs through different types of investors and what you should go for.

This is your guide to creating a pitch deck that will lead you to the right investors and the funding you need for your own startup!


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Episode 37 Full Interview

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Guest Appearance:

LEFT: Allison Byers
TOP RIGHT: Bowdrie Price
BOTTOM RIGHT: Austin Betzer

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