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July 21, 2021

It’s Not About the Idea, It’s About How You Execute It with Cahlan Sharp (DevMountain) — Part 1

The success of an idea depends more heavily on it’s execution and the team behind it than on the idea itself.
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Show Notes

Welcome back to How to Build an App.

This week we’re talking with Cahlan Sharp, founder of DevMountain, one of the top coding schools in the country.

Besides building an awesome coding school, Cahlan has participated in his fair share of startups and is a self- proclaimed “serial entrepreneur.”

Through his experiences as a teacher, technologist, engineer, entrepreneur and investor, Cahlan has learned what it takes for an idea to really succeed.

In this episode you’ll hear some hard truths about misconceptions and mistakes that many app founders make, and what it really takes for an idea to succeed.

We’ll talk about how to select a balanced founding team, when to launch your app, how to get customer feedback, and how vital it is to understand that ideas evolve and you’ve got to evolve with them.


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Full Video Interview

Want to see the entire interview behind this episode? Watch the full-length version here.

Guest Appearance:

LEFT: Cahlan Sharp
TOP RIGHT: Bowdrie Price
BOTTOM RIGHT: Austin Betzer

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