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May 26, 2021

Season 1 Recap with Brian Springer (Strides Development) — Part 2

The Season 1 Wrap-Up of How to Build An App.
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Show Notes

This is PART 2 of our Season 1 recap.

If you haven’t listened to part 1, you’ll definitely want to give that a listen before jumping in here. We released it yesterday, so it’s just RIGHT BEFORE this one. 

In part 1, we talked about episodes 1-9. We chatted about validating your idea, designing your app, and creating a MAGICAL user experience. 

We talked about the importance of building your team, marketing your app, having the right legal advice, and building a brand. 

This episode focuses on recapping episodes 10 - 15 and we’re going to cover testing your ideas, getting initial traction, raising money, and financing your big idea… and we also hear from one of our clients Jay Eichelberger who we worked with to launch the FlipFlops food delivery app. 

Then we finish up with our favorite topic… DEVELOPMENT.


This show is produced by Strides Development, a full-service app development agency. 

We specialize in taking your ideas and turning them into a finished app in only a few months. 

If you have an app you’re building, we would love to talk to you. You can schedule your free strategy call by clicking here.

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