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June 2, 2021

Staying True to Your Core Mission With Zachariah Moreno (Squadcast) — Part 2

Building a unicorn competitor.
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Show Notes

This is part TWO of our interview with Zachariah Moreno.

We’ll be doing a lot of these two-part episodes going forward where we share their origin story in the first part and then their lessons learned in part 2.

So here we are!

And Zachariah has a ton of great lessons to share.

We’ll talk about navigating FUNDING and the difference between bootstrapping and raising money from a VC.  

We talk about how to lead a technical team and lead product people who are more talented in their space than you are…

Zachariah Moreno talks about developing features that have never been done before — Squadcast actually has multiple patents on its upload process.

So let’s get to it. We’re going to jump back in where we left off last week talking about Squadcast’s big pivot to VIDEO and how that timing was perfect in a world where everyone is working remotely.


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Full Video Interview

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