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August 18, 2021

The Road to Success: It’s not about the coding with Josh Nielsen (Zencastr) - Part 1

Overcoming issues out of your control, generating revenue, and sticking with it when times get tough.
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Show Notes

Welcome back to How to Build an App.

This week we’re talking with Josh Nielsen, founder of Zencastr.

Zencastr is a modern web based solution for high-quality audio and video podcast production.

After his own business ideas were rejected by Techstars several times, Josh started working for them as a developer.

Eventually he left Techstars to do what he’d always wanted, create his own startup.

His first attempt failed, but he pushed forward and years later, Zencastr was born.

In this episode, Josh shares the story of how Zencastr came into existence, the problems he faced and overcame along the way, and his own advice on what it takes to succeed as a tech startup.

Hint: it’s about a heck of a lot more than just coding.


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Full Video Interview

Want to see the entire interview behind this episode? Watch the full-length version here.

Guest Appearance:

LEFT: Josh Nielsen
TOP RIGHT: Bowdrie Price
BOTTOM RIGHT: Austin Betzer

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